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Hemp Victory Tour Event Summary

Jamie Campbell Petty addressing the crowd at the Indiana State Historical Society

Event Summary

Tuesday July 16, 2019

Midwest Hemp Council: Indiana Hemp Victory Tour Review

Tuesday July 16, 2019 marked a historic night in celebrating the re-emergence of hemp as a viable and legal agriculture crop for the state of Indiana as the Midwest Hemp Council hosted the Indiana Hemp Victory Tour at the Indiana Historical Society’s head quarters in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The event brought together those from the local state economy who have worked tirelessly to drive the policy and legislative efforts needed to legalize agricultural hemp. The night highlighted fearless leaders such as Justin Swanson-Midwest Hemp Council President, Jamie Petty- Midwest Hemp Council Treasurer and State Senator Randy Head all of whom have worked tirelessly at the front of advocacy for hemp legalization and education in Indiana.

The night was a grandiose celebration of their efforts amongst a community of friends and partners who all believe in the economic, agronomic and environmental value that hemp offers the state economy.

The night’s tour provided a wonderful opportunity for networking, camaraderie and engagement regarding the trials and challenges facing our state’s farmers and entrepreneurs. A strong groundswell of cooperative energy could be felt and seen across the room as those present shared ideas and experiences regarding the current state of hemp business in Indiana.

Conclusions were formed:

-Challenges do exist but our state’s sharpest minds are working to find solutions

-Optimism regarding the crop’s potential is abundant

-Leadership has inspired community engagement and entrepreneurial investment

-A culture of cooperation and partnership abounds

As the evening’s Victory Tour wore to a close, the road forward for hemp in Indiana came into sharp focus. Refined agronomic practice and infrastructure could amount to a game-changing cash crop for the State’s farmers. Continued legislative efforts to unlock and govern business opportunity related to hemp could change the economic landscape of the state. Lastly, responsibility, trust and integrity will be paramount for businesses in the effort to replace stigma associated with bad actors and bad business practices related to hemp.

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